Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an art and science of placement of objects in households, offices and other places of importance, in the manner which helps in improving the overall well being. FENG means Wind & SHUI means Water, in the dialect from the Chinese Provinces, where this study originates from.

When objects are placed in the right direction in physical space, they bring in more luck and prosperity. Every direction has its own importance. Using the knowledge of the effects of direction – elements, people and objects are placed to create harmony.

For e.g. Fire and Water elements don’t match with each other. So when the gas stove and the sink in the kitchen are placed in the same line, there is a friction of energy. Which takes toll on the health of the people living in the house, specially the one working in this dysfunctional harmony.

Feng Shui also advises measures to correct this disharmony, in the cases where objects cannot be shifted. This is usually done by adding objects of positive energy to bring the balance of energy in the positive direction.

Hence Feng Shui helps in creating a happy life, as it improves your health, your financial conditions, your relationships and much more.

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