Spirituality is seeking the truth within and Spiritual Healings is the healing of the inner state of a person to improve one’s way of living. These healings are provided on the energy body of a person (Also at times for Animals and objects), these energy bodies are also called as Aura / Etheric Double.

Spiritual Healing is instrumental in improving the following: 

  • Health and Psychological State (Including Ailments and sickness)
  • Emotional State 
  • Finances
  • Relationships
  • Business & Profession 
  • Beauty (Including Weight Management And Appearance).

These healings are aimed to remove the energies which are deep seated and cause friction in the life. It also helps in understanding the Karmic Connection for your current state and the solutions to resolve or mitigate the effects. The healings are done using various methods: Using Crystals, Meditations, Prayers, Hand techniques among others.

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