Kriti Khanna is a famous Tarot Card Reader, Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach. She is known for her ability to connect with an individual to understand their feelings & environment which helps selecting the right combination of energy and healing practices for their betterment. She has more than a decade of experience supported by formal training in a number of practices, making her a top choice for people looking for a renowned practitioner.

What separates Kriti Khanna from the other capable people in this professional practice is her simplicity and positive mind set of helping the people. She understands that most people, do not have a thorough or even basic understanding of the Spirituality and usually find themselves lost among the various streams of these practices. She not only introduces the concept of the practice to her clients but also helps them take more informed decisions of these choices collectively with her, so they can select the best suited method for themselves. Most clients that have come to her while looking for the Best Fortune Teller or the Top Astrologer, today have a better understanding and can judge for themselves if they require an Aura Cleansing, a Chakra Balancing or an Ailment healing. Not just that, Kriti Khanna advises them basic practices and methods with which they are able to generate positivity around them, without having to visit her each time they feel the need.

The services that Kriti Khanna provides today can be clubbed as Life Coaching, Tarot Card Reading, Spiritual Healing and Feng Shui. She also conducts motivational talks for corporates and academic institutions. In a more detailed view, the services offered are as below:


Life Coaching

Tarot Card Reading

Aura Cleaning

Crystal Healing

Beauty Sanative

Feng Shui


Corporate Sessions

Chakra Balancing

Angel Card Reading

Energy Cleansing

Spiritual Healing

Relationship Remedy


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